Human Feces/Urine Cleaning

Upkeep Angels can remove, clean, and disinfect human waste including feces and urine cleaning. We’re your experts when it comes to human and animal waste removal!

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Human Waste Removal Services

We provide safe hazardous waste removal including human feces, animal feces, and urine removal. We are here for you when you need us the most. Hire Upkeep Angels for the best feces/urine cleanup services in your area.

Fully Certified

We hire trained professionals that have years of experience in the field. Trust Upkeep Angels when it comes to a reliable and certified human feces/urine cleanup services.

24/7 Emergency Cleaning

We understand unexpected events happen. That’s why Upkeep Angels provides emergency and immediate cleaning such as water or fire damage.

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Get in touch with the human feces/urine cleanup specialists today. We can help you book a human feces/urine cleanup appointment.

Our Cleaning Services

Extreme Cleaning

Extreme cleanups for extreme situations. We have your back when it comes to extreme cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Upkeep Angels is the name you can trust when it comes to business cleaning, school cleaning, retail cleaning services, and much more!

Crime Scene Cleaning

Biohazard remediation or crime scene cleanups is something Upkeep Angels specializes in.

Residential House Cleaning

Our general house cleaning services don't compare to others. We provide professional residential cleaning: deep home cleaning,  bathroom cleaning, and same-day cleaning!

Hoarding Cleanup

We cover hoarding cleanups in residential properties or commercial properties. No matter how much garbage or junk you have, we will get rid of it!

Garage Cleaning

We provide basement cleanout services, foreclosure cleanups services, professional garage cleaning, and more.

Homeless Encampment

Upkeep Angels remove, clean, and disinfect homeless encampments. Including the removal of human waste, drug paraphernalia, and garbage.

Junk/Trash Removal

The professional cleaning experts at Upkeep Angels are determined to remove your junk and trash including garbage bin removal and trash bin removal.

Human Feces/Urine Cleaning

Upkeep Angels can remove, clean, and disinfect human waste including feces and urine cleaning.

Construction Site Cleanup

We are construction cleanup specialists. From new construction cleaning, industrial cleaning, or professional construction cleanups, we cover it all.

24/7 Emergency Cleaning

We understand life happens. Give us a call, and we will take care of your emergency cleaning needs.

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